Are your products microwave and dishwasher safe?

No, the stress of the quick temperature change may break your piece.

I was given my piece as a gift but I dislike it, is it possible to return it for a refund?

We do not take our items back and offer refunds unless it is a manufacturing defect and is within 30 days of purchase. However, if you dislike the pattern and you also have the receipt, if it is within 30 days of purchase you may bring the item to our store to exchange it for a different piece of the same or lesser value.

Can you reproduce an older item if I need a match or replacement?

Most of the time we can, but some of the older colors have been discontinued. We can try our best to match the colors and pattern, but it may not be exactly the same. Photos of your original/broken pieces can be e-mailed to sydenstrickerglass@gmail.com for inquiries regarding replacement pieces. If not attaching image files, we ask that you please use our contact form.

Do you accommodate bus tours?

We do, but we ask that you please call the gallery and inform them a week before your planned visit.

How are your products made?

All of our products are made on site in our workshop located directly beneath the gallery in Brewster, MA. Each piece of glass is cut by hand, the molds we use were made by the artisans, the patterns are designed and made into stencils that are each cut by hand, and each piece is individually decorated, inspected, fired in the kilns. The next day, the finished product is washed, inspected, and signed “Syden” on the back by one of our artists before it is ready for the sales floor.

How long does it take to make a piece?

Each piece takes a different amount of time to complete. It depends on the amount of stencils, shading, colors, and the size of the piece. Some of our pieces can take up to 45 minutes to put together before firing in our kilns.

Is it okay to eat off of these beautiful dishes or are they just for display?

Absolutely – the design is locked between two pieces of clear float glass, so after firing they are completely safe to eat off of. We ask that you do not place very hot food items on the dishes, as the change in temperature may break the glass.

Do you work on custom designs?

Yes, but we only have time for larger more elaborate pieces mainly in the off-season when business is slow. If your project is simple or you would just like custom colors on an existing pattern, please use our contact form and describe your project with as many details as possible.