Welcome to Sydenstricker Glass, makers of fine quality fused glass since 1968

Bring the family and visit our bright and spacious gallery on Route 6A in Brewster to see all of the Sydenstricker patterns and to watch the artisans create each glassware design by hand. Although Bill Sydenstricker is no longer with us, his artistic creations continue to be hand-crafted at Sydenstricker Galleries in the same unique way.

From the stencil drawing to the finished piece, all of our items are hand-crafted in our workshop right below our gallery. Two sheets of glass are cut to fit a mold made out of high-fire terracotta clay. The first sheet is decorated by sifting powdered glass through a number of stencils. The final stencil is then carefully removed, and the second sheet of glass is carefully laid over the decorated first piece. Both are placed on a mold and put into a fifteen hundred degree kiln. At this point, the two pieces of glass fuse, assuming the shape of the mold and locking in the colored design. The kiln is then turned off until the glass is cooled.

Artists and collectors have been fascinated by our work. Pieces are on exhibit in many major galleries and museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Toronto Museum of Art, the Tiffany Museum in Winter Park, Florida, and the Chrysler Museum. Several American Embassies provide dessert services of Sydenstricker glass.

You can learn more about the history of Sydenstricker Glass here.


Truly an art born on Cape Cod ~
Anything else is simply not Sydenstricker